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Niloofar lost an amazing 5kgs in less than 1 month!

"I've lost 5 kgs in less than 1 month by using Gravitate Nutrition's Ultimate Weight Loss Kit. I'm delighted with my health and my new Gravitate body ."

- Niloofar (USA)*

Miss K transformed her body whilst still eating the food she loves

"I don't think I need to say much more than it works! I kept eating the foods I love and I was not able to stick to a workout schedule. Despite all this, I was able to easily shed excess weight from my stomach. I am sure I would have lost even more weight had I been consistent with my workouts, but I am very happy with my results."

Miss K (Canada)*

Sarah lost an incredible 9 pounds in less than a month!

"I have managed to lose an incredible 9 pounds in less than a month using Gravitate. I used their recommended eating plan and it's been easy weight loss as it's stopped my cravings for snacks between meals. I would definitely recommend Gravitate to anyone who has struggled to lose weight!"

- Sarah (United Kingdom)*

Olivia lost an incredible 1 Stone in 1 month!

"Today I weigh 8.7 stone which means I’ve lost a stone in 30 days. I have struggled for so long to get even close to 8 stone so this is a huge achievement. In honesty it isn’t my greatest mission to lose weight in a great rush, I would be perfectly happy tone up gradually and shift the fat at the same pace. But let’s face it – when I’m going on holiday on Sunday Gravitate Nutrition helped hurry the process along just in time to put on the bikini!

- Oliva S (United Kingdom)*

*The above testimonials were received by email and mail from Gravitate customers. Results may vary and the sample results below cannot be expected in 100% of Gravitate users.

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