Real Results from Real Gravitate® Customers

Read reviews of Gravitate Supersculpt and DietVits, sent in by our happy customers.

Miss K lost excess weight from her stomach without any drastic changes to her diet

"I don't think I need to say much more than it works! I didn't make drastic changes to my diet and unfortunately I was not able to stick to a workout schedule. I am sure I would have lost even more weight had I been consistent with my workouts, but I am very happy with my results."

Miss K (Canada)

Sarah lost an amazing 9 pounds within 4 weeks

"I have managed to lose an amazing 9 pounds within 4 weeks using Gravitate Nutrition. I have used their recommended eating plan and it's been easy as it's stopped my cravings for snacks between meals. I would definitely recommend Gravitate Nutrition to anyone who has struggled to lose weight."

- Sarah (United Kingdom)

Dzana Lost 9Lbs in 30 Days!

" After a month of using Gravitate Nutrition and following the meal plan, I am able to see some quite obvious results.

In the last month, I've dropped around 9 pounds (over 4 kilos).

I am really satisfied with the results. More energy, better sleep and weight loss!"

- Dzana (Germany)

Nazma has noticed a huge reduction in fat on her face, tummy and arms

"I have been using Gravitate for around 3 weeks I am feeling so much better than before and I have lost quite few kgs and that’s without any hard effort.

It is the first time that I have tried anything like this and I am amazed by the results. Here is a before and after pic, so you can have a clear look on the difference. As you can see there is huge difference on face, tummy and arms. All over also there has been reduction of fat on my body. I absolutely love this product."

- Nazma (United Kingdom)

Olivia Lost Almost 1 Stone in 30 Days!

"Today I weigh 8.7 stone which means I’ve lost just under a stone in 30 days. I have struggled for so long to get even close to 8 stone so this is a huge achievement. In honesty it isn’t my greatest mission to lose weight in a great rush, I would be perfectly happy tone up gradually and shift the fat at the same pace. But let’s face it – when I’m going on holiday on Sunday Gravitate Nutrition helped hurry the process along just in time to put on the bikini!

The second thing I noticed was my skin. I’m quite lucky and have never really suffered from bad skin but since taking the supplements I have definitely had less breakouts and it has looked healthier in general.

Thirdly, my nails. My nails have always been so brittle and weak but I have noticed in the last couple of weeks how strong they have become and I put that down to the Dietvits. It’s amazing how much taking vitamins every day can affect the little things that you wouldn’t think of, like your nails."

- Oliva S (United Kingdom)

Natalie has lost fat off her stomach after 30 days on Gravitate

" It's been 30 days now and I've managed to stick this one out to the best of my ability and I've gotta say the results are good!
As I sit here, snacking on Pistachios(oops)...I'm actually shocked at how different the before and after results look!

The immediate difference has to be the full stomach on the left vs the flattened stomach on the right. It's great to see that my tummy no longer looks bloated. I've also got more curvature in my waist which is definitely noticeable when looking at the previous picture. It's a shame I didn't catch the after photo in the best light because it doesn't really give my ab definition justice.

Having abs has always been a big goal for me so to actually see some definition appearing on both sides is incredible. With the use of the Dietvits and Sculpting supplements from Gravitate, I've noticed a difference in my eating habits. I tried the first couple of days on and off the supplements, finding that I snacked more when I was off them than when I was on. So does it curb cravings? Definitely. Does it give you washboard abs and a flat stomach? Yes. But of course, you need to exercise as well! With the combined use of taking the supplements, eating healthily and doing more exercise, I've managed to really make some progress.

Gravitate are definitely a product I would recommend to friends and family, having already recommended it to a Facebook friend! "

- Natalie R (United Kingdom)