How Gravitate® Works

Appetite Suppression

Make hunger & over-eating a thing of the past

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Fat Burning

Melt away unwanted fat

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Carbohydrate Blocking

Eat carbs guilt-free

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Metabolism Boosting

A fast metabolism means faster weight loss

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Weight Loss Guide

Easy tips and tricks to maximise your weight loss

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Snack-Replacement Shake

Delicious, low-calorie weight loss shake

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1. Appetite Suppression

Imagine already feeling satisfied before you've even taken your first bite of your meal. Imagine cravings for unhealthy snacks becoming a thing of the past. Imagine losing weight without feeling hungry.

When you no longer feel hungry, weight loss becomes easy and enjoyable.

Gravitate's® core ingredient is clinically proven to suppress your appetite, which in turn leads to quick and enjoyable weight loss.

Appetite Suppressing Ingredients


2. Fat Burning

Gravitate® helps you melt away fat by a process called thermogenesis. Calcium causes your core body temperature to rise which in turn encourages your body to burn fat and calories as a source of energy.

B vitamins in the formula help slow down the rate of fat absorption within your body.

Fat Burning Ingredients

B Vitamins

3. Carbohydrate Blocking

Carbohydrates such as bread and pasta can be a problem when losing weight. Gravitate® helps you block carbohydrates to stop them affecting your weight loss so you can still carbs whilst feeling guilt-free.

Gravitate® contains glucomannan which slows down the rate in which the body absorbs sugars and carbohydrates.

Zinc has an impact on carbohydrate intake as it helps your body to process carbohydrates.

B vitamins also help with carbohydrate blocking as they improve the efficiency at which your body is able to break down and convert food into energy

Carbohydrate Blocking Ingredients

B Vitamins

4. Metabolism Boosting

Calcium and B Vitamins in Gravitate® help boost your metabolism by a process called thermogenesis.

Chromium enhances and stimulates the production of insulin in the body to transport glucose to different cells in the body.

Metabolism Boosting Ingredients

B Vitamins

5. Weight Loss Guide

Every order comes with a FREE hard copy of The Gravitate Weight Loss Guide. The guide has been specially developed to help you gain the best possible results from your Gravitate kit.

The book is simple and easy to follow, yet provides you with excellent tips and guidance to ensure you reach your weight loss goals as quickly as possible.

6. A mouth-watering, low-calorie alternative to snacking

If you have sweet tooth like most of us, snacking such as ice cream or chocolate bars can really hurt your weight loss goals and motivation.

We have a solution for those moments. When you really have to have your sweet fix, simply grab a Gravitate Weight Loss shake. It's sweet and tasty but unlike junk snacks, it will actually help fill you up whilst containing very low calories.

Best of all, it's full of natural, healthy ingredients & absolutely no sugar.

Gravitate® is simple & easy to take

Take 1-2 capsules of Supersculpt 15 mins - 1 hour before breakfast lunch and dinner. Start off by taking just 1 capsule before each meal, but if you need some extra help, increase to taking 2 before each meal.

Take 1 capsule of DietVits per day with a glass of water. You can take it at any time of the day.

The Gravitate Weight Loss shake is designed to be taken as a snack-replacement. This means, when you are craving a snack in between meals, instead of reaching for a chocolate bar or pack of crisps, reach for the Gravitate Weight Loss Shake instead. To take, add 10g of the Gravitate Weight Loss Shake to either milk or water and give it a good mix until it is a smooth consistency. You can then drink your shake.

How to take Gravitate Supersculpt:
How to take Gravitate DietVits:

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