Maximise your results with Gravitate® Weight Loss Shakes

Our Weight Loss Shakes are a mouth-watering low-calorie alternative to snacking.

We've all been there, maybe on Friday night after work and you're really craving some ice cream or maybe a chocolate bar. Snacking such as this can really hurt your weight loss goals and motivation.

We have a solution for those moments. When you really have to have your sweet fix, simply grab a Gravitate Weight Loss shake. It's sweet and tasty but unlike junk snacks, it will actually help fill you up whilst containing very low calories.

They can also be used as meal replacement shakes but we recommend using them as snack replacements alongside Supersculpt and Dietvits for best results.

How to take our Weight Loss Shakes

Simply mix 10 grams (1 scoop) with milk, almond milk or water and drink. For best results you can mix in a protein shaker, blender or just give a good mix with a fork.


The main ingredient in our shakes is whey protein from grass-fed cows. This keeps you feeling full with very low calories.

Click here for the full ingredients list and nutritional information.

How to Buy your Shakes

Visit our individual products page here and add the shakes to you basket

Our standard 3 month package comes with a free Shake packet. This contains 10 servings.

Also, if you subscribe and save to any package you'll receive a free Shake packet (10 servings) with your first shipment.