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Supersculpt Shakes

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Shaker Bottle

Used to mix your Supersculpt® Meal Replacement Shakes

Weight Loss Guide Book (Online Version)

Simple and easy to follow guide to maximise your weight loss


Make cravings a thing of the past! *This is an optional product in the kit for those who require extra help with cravings control


*With the 84 day kit you receive a FREE 28 day supply of Dietvits. Dietvits can also be added as an optional extra in all kits for those who require faster weight loss

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28 Day Supply

Lose 1 - 2 stone (6 - 12kg)

FREE Weight Loss Guide

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All packages are single one-off payments and come with our Guaranteed Weight Loss 60-Day-Guarantee.

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How Should You Use This Product?

How to Use the Kit

Everything in the Weight Loss Success Kit works together to maximise your weight loss.

Supersculpt® Meal Replacement Shakes should be used to replace 1 meal per day.

Supersculpt® capsules are taken before meals to naturally suppress your appetite and help you eat smaller portions.

HotSculpt should be taken as a snack after dinner to give you your sweet fix without any guilt and to beat cravings.

Full Usage instructions

Supersculpt® Meal Replacement Shakes

Use to replace one meal per day.

Put 3 scoops (30g) in your shaker. Add 300-400ml of milk or a milk substitute (this could be almond milk, soya milk, coconut milk or another) and shake away.

If you have time, you can try adding the 3 scoops to a blender with some fruit.

Supersculpt® Capsules

Take 1-2 capsules of Supersculpt 15 mins - 1 hour before breakfast lunch and dinner. Start off by taking just 1 capsule before each meal, but if you need some extra help, increase to taking 2 before each meal.


You can heat up your HotSculpt in a microwave or heat up your milk or vegan milk in a pan.

The amount to take varies by flavour.

For Chocolate flavour take 5g (half a white scoop)
For Original Flavour take 10g (1 white scoop)


Add the correct amount (shown above) of Hotsculpt to a mug. Add a scoop of cold milk or a vegan milk substitute to your mug and stir it until you have a smooth paste.
Fill up the mug with as much milk or vegan milk as you’d like and stir. Put your mug in the microwave. Microwave for around 1 and a half minutes (may vary based on the power of your microwave) then stir again.

PAN INSTRUCTIONS: Add the correct amount (shown above) of Hotsculpt to a mug. Add a scoop of cold milk to your mug and stir it into a smooth paste. Heat up the milk in a pan on the hob until it is warm. Add your warm milk to your mug and stir thoroughly.


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What is Subscribe & Save?

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